Method: How TRIBUTIURIS operates

1  Lawyers can sign up to the service through the tab CONTACT on this website.

2  TRIBUTIURIS sends the Lawyer his/her user name and password for access to the email provided.

3  Users can access their personal area from

Specialized Professional Collaboration Area SPCA - Tax Cost

SPCA- Tax Cost, users can:

1  Ask a fellow tax lawyer (as if from your office itself) about the case being handled for the client without the need to reveal this person's identity.

2  Request a quote for the preparation of a report on the aspects and fiscal effects of the different options offered according to the case.

3  Following acceptance of the quote, obtain the report, with the option of making tax queries arising from the case until its termination at no extra cost.

SPCA - Tax Cost

Tax Observatory

The Tax Observatory gives you unlimited access to the following tax information specific to the Legal Community:

1   Tax News
2  Practical use forms
3  Public queries
4  Articles and News
Tax Observatory Sample